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One of the major concerns nowadays is that of safety even in our own home. There may be breach of security at any moment in nay time. Due to a spiking rise in robberies, murders, shootings and target killings there has been a deep set fear left in the hearts of many. In order to cater to this problem there has been an avid traffic in purchasing guns and ammunition in order to keep themselves and their families safe. However guns in the hands of many cannot result in a positive environment with accidental shots being fired or just a misinterpretation of a signal can result in fatalities.

BMW has come forward with a solution to problem by introducing a vehicle that will cater to the safety conscious customers all over the world. The company has introduced a bullet proof version of its X5 sports utility vehicle. The company proudly claims that it is resistant under the heavy fire of an AK 47 which is a feat in itself. The vehicle is also equipped with special steel and shatterproof glass that will contain the situation even under heavy fire. BMW has left its competitors in awe of its diversity and versatility among the specification and features category.