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BMW’s latest brand embassador – SANTA himself!


Tis the season to be jolly. Well that would have turned into a severe hangover by now but things are mixing up a bit and we welcome the change. Automobile companies have always opted for strong and successful people to become their brand ambassador. They may be actors, politicians, sports celebrities, musicians and what not. The aim is to get the attention of the audience by associating their brand with these strong figures that are making some sort of difference in the world. Well BMW went out of the box with the most epic feature this time of the year.

BMW has brought forward the most beloved person in the world who is eagerly awaited at that special time of the year to bring happiness to people’s lives. Yep its none other than the beloved SANTA! BMW with its latest feature sent the message across that Santa is onboard the BMW train since they taught them to ditch the reindeer and elves and opt for a racing machine instead to get the job done swiftly and efficiently. Also Santa does not want cookies with his milk but donuts. Make sure your leave a box of chocolate frosted donuts for the merry rider!