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Boys And Their Toys (Cars What Else?)!


Sugar and spice and everything nice; that’s what girls are made of! Boys on the other hand not so much. Well we don’t want to discriminate here or anything but it is easier and way more fun to raise a girl than a boy. You have a lot of options of colors and clothing and toys where as boys are a tough nut to crack. And if in case of typical boys who know what the want and that is mostly cars and guns you have no choice in the matter but to pay regard to that. So for all the parents out there who have to decorate a boys room, we have the magic and most fun advice for them.


There is nothing more amazing to a 5 year old than cars, more cars and then add some more. You can have all the display of toy cars and car sheets and car cushions and the car table stand we found just the thing that he is sure going to love. It is the easiest most creative way to personalize the dresser with your kids car toys. All you need is a screw gun, tiny cars and the drawer you want to put it on and make handles out of. Be ready to score some bonus points n your child’s list because he is sure going to love it!