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Breaking News: Electric Harley Davidson Bike Is Coming Tomorrow…!!!


Want to ride a bike? No? OK

Want to ride a Harley Davidson? YES!

Want to ride a electric Harley Davidson? YES YES!

We knew the answer and our feeling is same as yours. There are allot of bike manufacturers in the world and they are incredible in their unique ways some are good for motorsports and some are good for discovering suburbs and riding on narrow hills. When it comes to choosing a bike for you there are several options available in the market. if you go for high-end expensive bike then you can go for Suzuki Hayabusa and we you are Hondas loyal fan then you can find Honda CBR series and if you want some German engineering then you can have BMW motorbikes and HP4 is one of the example of German style and technology. When it comes to touring bike then one can only dream of American motorbike manufacturer called Harley Davidson although their bikes are bit on the heavy side but when it comes to road grip and sound then no other company even come close with Harley Davidson.


Recently a company has come with a breakthrough that enables them to make electric motorbike and they have just posted a teaser and showing a countdown for their new electric bike to unveil.

One question arises in our mind that world is crazy for Harley Davidson engine sound so how they will take things up in this department as the sound of electric engines are even so quite then any efficient gasoline engine. With no or less sounded Harley Davidson will be able to live its hype? Our take on this a bit different and that is YES. Because the company is working on electric engines then their USP (Universal Selling Proposition) will not be the sound but their USP will be the speed of the bike. As you can see in the teaser that the speed is like a jet and sounds like a bit at lower side.


Have a look at a below teaser video of electric Harley Davidson and live another day with gasoline HD bikes… Enjoy!