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Breaking News: Google Driveless Cars Are Threat To Car Industry… GM Says

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When Google introduced its self driving car concept to the world, no one ever thought that idea before. People appreciated that idea but we thought it was way beyond the reality. Google constantly upgraded that concept and moved too close to the reality.
Few days back Google introduces its prototype of self driving, steering less and paddle less cars. These cars look apparently very cute and compact. The reason behind adaption of this design language is so simple because if they follow the traditional design or follow modern high-tech aggressive design then the adaption rate would be too low as people still would think those cars are aliens 🙂
With all the appreciations from the world, on the other hand Google is also facing negative comments from the world especially from the competitors.

Mark Reuss, GM’s official VP of worldwide item advancement, told as of late told Bloomberg that he could see Google turning into a “genuine focused danger” in the motoring domain.

Yes, that would appear to be a “well, duh” admission to us as well, particularly now that Google will take off no less than 100 of those cutesy, two-seater model autos for some genuine testing later not long from now. It surely doesn’t harm that California’s Department of Motor Vehicles simply surrendered a thumbs to heading toward oneself auto tests on open ways, a choice that’ll produce results in September. Obviously, Google can just turn into a focused danger in the event that it needs to be, regardless its vague exactly how it plans to put up these engines for sale to the public. A different Google Motors division? A huge number of associations with existing producers? Our gem ball is on the fritz, and auto crafters aren’t trembling in their boots simply yet. Reuss noted that “anyone can do anything with enough time and cash” – Google’s certainly got a lot of the last, yet real car producers haven’t recently been sitting on their trees. GM and Nissan both have heading toward oneself auto ventures underway in China and Japan, separately, while Volvo has been trying its on the open ways of Sweden.