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Breath Locks The Awesome Tool To Prevent Drunk Driving!!


The growth of technology knows no bounds. With great power comes great responsibility and that directed in the right channel is highly beneficial for human kind itself. With the introduction of technological features and innovations on daily basis, the automobile industry is not shy of its implementation in the vehicles. The safety features specifically are improving my leaps and bounds ensuring that the sanctity of the human life is maintained at all costs.

Canberra is introducing a specific types of locks in their vehicles that will ensure that no one under the influence will be able to drive the vehicle that will no more put their life and the lives of others in danger no more. Alcohol interlock is now to be fitted in every vehicle which is an electronic breath testing device to detect the level of alcohol in the breath of the driver. In order to start the car, the alcohol breath test must be alcohol free and keep at bay drunk drivers. This is a very efficient safety feature that will contain numerous of accidents worldwide that end thousands of life due to drunk driving. The idea to implement this technology in the cars is an intelligent incentive that should be followed by many other countries to take control of the situation world wide.