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Bristol Cars Coming Back From The Dead!


Automakers from all over the world are is a constant struggle to out do each other of multiple platforms by introducing competitive and edgy vehicles unmatched by any. Be it premium car makers, automakers in the luxury category, mid size affordable cars, local or international manufacturers the competition is now present in all four corners of the world. It sometimes happen that automobile companies are shut down due to their lack of keeping up with the competition just as the big fish eats up the little fish. However there is a comeback on its way that all of us have been waiting for.

Bristol is reviving from the dead to introduce its new line of vehicles that is sure to take your breath away. There was utter amazement and shock when Bristol was closed in 2011 but now that a new buyer who excels in British sports cars has taken over the company, it has announced its plan to introduce a brand new Bristol model next year. This has left the automotive company is much buzz with the statement being that you cant even write off the competition that has been closed down. Game on people!