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Bugatti Belt Buckle Is Unbelievably More Expensive Than Audi R8!


Luxury cars have and always will be one of the most high end and elite categories that 95% of the people in the world can actually only look at. The premium vehicle category is immensely expensive and impeccably amazing that it will leave your jaws dropping far down the floor. The ultimate class, elegance and finesse in such vehicles is even incomparable to any other even in its league. Companies like McLaren and Bugatti are the extremely high brands that ensure that the best of the best is made with such fine elegance that nothing else will do justice to it. And the most important thing – money isn’t an issue!

One of such exclusive vehicles is the Bugatti Veron. The vehicle is sheer class and beauty down to the last detail and there is absolutely nothing than is low price about it. The height of luxury can only be understood through the most outrageous comparisons. Audi which is famous for producing excellent vehicles has a prestigious model the Audi R8 out on the roads loved by many. A single belt buckle in Bugatti is more expensive than Audi R8 itself. Because when yo are purchasing a $1.5 million vehicle, a simple belt buckle just wont do.