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Cameras Instead Of Mirrors In Your Very Own CAR!


At my very first driving lesson i was told to check all mirrors before backing up. What i did not know was soon enough ill be checking all my cameras before doing the same thing in my very own car!

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it is now mandated that all cars by 2018 should be equipped with rear view cameras. What is of vital importance is the petition to let the chunky side mirrors be also replaced with cameras as well that will in turn result in efficient and effective driving with more easy attention and less injuries through accidents. According to the research it was concluded that the side mirrors increase aerodynamic drag by 2-7 percent. The implementation of side view camera will not only eliminate the drag but it will also result in fuel cut by 3.2%.

It is of no surprise that the rear view camera will improve safety on and off the road. By the time NHTSA’s rule comes into effect, it expects to help save 58-69 lives per year which would otherwise have been the cause of fatality due to back-over crashes. The issue to conquer at the moment is to efficiently educate the people sitting in the vehicle to make use of the technological development. It was rightly stated that we are capable of changing the technology faster than we are capable of changing the driver today.