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Car Chase With A 14 Year Old!


One of the most interesting piece of news we come across is that of car chases. This has been one of my favourite programs on TV showing high peed car chases with some really confident guy at the back of the steering wheel speeding his way to the border to get away from the authorities with the police close behind trying their best to catch him and showing some of the most smooth stunts i have ever come across.

Well this car chase is a little different. For one thing it involves a kid who is 14 years old and a police force behind him. The teenager was charged with stealing a vehicle and leading it to a high speed car chase in Kershaw County. Although the police tried to stop him at times, but the boy refused to do so breaking signals and running red lights. Finally his tires were slashed with spiked and he was detained for stealing and running inspite consistent efforts of the police. Come on kid you need to be running to school now instead of running with stolen cars. That is some serious parenting gone wrong.