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Car Giant That Support Fashion


There comes a time in life, when new ways need to be identified by companies who enjoy a unique position. Mercedes Benz understood it long before and since 1996 has been the lead sponsor for Fashion Week.

The automobile company that is considered synonymous with luxury, fashion and class; identified a new way to capture the heart of market. June is the most important month as there comes yet another fashion show of global significance.

It is the show named as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week that have exclusivity of world class brand name. Although there are 30 other fashion weeks that Mercedes Benz sponsor but the importance of this event is unparalleled.


The show brings in relaxation and networking in Mercedes Benz Star Lounge followed by picture shoot facility in Mercedes Benz display at lobby. The pictures can be taken on interactive media wall, where the LED background switch in a way that it seems the guest is standing at a fashionable destination. At this moment the event is being organized in Australia with cities and celebrities mixed together to provide the fun filled knowledgeable fashion couture.

The event is in the progress with applauder comments by people who have joined the league this year. Hence Mercedes proved its love for fashion and glamor in not only cars but in everything else too.