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Carjacking Thieves Make A Fool Out Of Themselves!


The way of the world is that before involving yourself in something, make sure you are properly equipped to handle and deal with all the hurdles. Many criminals set their own traps when committing a crime or a robbery and in the end make a fool out of themselves. Car robbery is one of the oldest in the book and the key to that is three fold. One should be swift, keen and observant. Secondly you should know the system of the vehicle you are about to rob. Thirdly if you feel that things are getting out of hand, run before you have to face the consequences.

Two teens in Houston made the ultimate fool out of themselves when they decided to carjack a vehicle from an individual who owned a manual transmission vehicle. Once the kids realized they could not operate the vehicle, they made the apprehended vehicle at gunpoint teach them how to drive it. A manual car is not that easy to maneuver and they learnt it for a couple of minutes before throwing the individual out of the car. When the police saw the slow moving car, they apprehended the two kids who set their own trap due to their own stupidity. Touche boys, touche!