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Will Cars Be Able To Compete With Futurist Boeing 777x?

Everyone is talking about flying cars and the potential it might bring. But flying cars means giving direct competition to aero planes that seems an impossible task at this moment.

Today we will analyze the new Boeing 777x to find the serious competition that flying cars might face.


The wings of the latest aero-plane is made simple and is fold in a manner that it can is easy to fit with efficiency. The engine comes with advance material with carbon to make light weight yet performance efficient option. It is made safe to environment with low fuel consumption to support.


The interior is extra wide with Cathedral like ceiling to make movement for passengers trouble free. The home theatre with a food bar is there to give elegant world class experience. There is more space for cargo as compare to any other plane, and Boeing 777x is designed to go ahead in competition. The more cargo space with better performance make the vehicle acquire a unique position.

The video showed below best explain the state of art experience of Boeing.

There is a lot to consider in exterior and interior if the future cars want to compete with planes. As airplane have much more expensive exterior than car, meaning the ascending of price to whole new level, with space that is much bigger than cars of today. Yet if the cars bring in following changes it will require two drivers and during the process it will loose its identity.

What do you suggest? Will cars be able to compete with aero-plane like this?