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Cheaters among shoppers – Do not be lured into the trap

  1. It is striking that many scammers want to meet for the transfer of money and the vehicle at a place where not much through traffic – often the remote areas, or for example in an industrial area on weekends. Then you should get involved in any case, but to meet at a place where traffic is enough and passage audience is present.
  2. No meeting after dark! Here it often comes to crime in the sale of a car, or while trying to sell the car. If the supposed buyer urges that there is no other way, then you should make him respond best that he could certainly look at that car all during daylight hours only and that is to see not everything in the dark. And is then pushed further and failed to respond to the objection, then best to stay away from this prospective. Better to wait a bit longer for a buyer, but it can be said with great probability that we have not made ​​a scammer into the net, because you did not fall for this little trick.
  3. No transfer of the vehicle Briefs before the receipt of the money and before the signature of the purchaser under the contract of sale. If the prospective necessarily want to have access to the vehicle registration document, then you can make a copy of it and show him. In any case, give the vehicle letter from the hand, as long as the purchase is not properly concluded.
  4. Interested parties who refuse a written sales contract and reject these should fall through the cracks necessarily the same because something is approaching certainly right things. A serious purchase and sale of a vehicle also includes getting a written purchase contract, are listed, special equipment and the method of payment and the details of the delivery of the vehicle. This can help you to create your own legally valid purchase contract, so you may not be one or even missed several points that are important.
  5. And one thing is always good to note possible on the meeting with a prospect always take someone else. This can serve as a witness and at the same time you are not alone delivered if the prospective buyer should actually turn out to be scammers.