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Chevy Supporting ManUtd With Their Sports Cars!


Football is considered the largest and most popular sport in the world. The year 2014 witnessing the Football World Cup which was taken by Germany has left the fans wanting more and more. The much awaited premier leagues have already started and are underway with the best of the best competing against each other. What people do not know is that on the pitch the players are coign head to head or should i say toe to toe against each other and off the pitch it is the sponsors who are trying to outbid each other in order to have their logo pasted in the prestigious team’s jerseys.

Well this year the most popular English club Manchester United went with none other than the automobile legend Chevrolet to to sponsor them. The logo of the automobile giant is pasted across the shirts in every match. In order to reward the players for wearing those jerseys, Chevrolet has been giving the players Sports cars in order to show their regard. Wayne Rooney who is the key player of Manchester United has been seen posing with his brand new car proudly. I wouldn’t mind getting paid to wear a shirt and getting a sports car in return for that.