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Chicago Gets Silly With Black Friday Car Deals!


Black Friday is one of the most famous days of the years in America and Canada. The epic deals that this day brings is a sight for sore eyes for those getting involved in cheap and reasonable shopping. The winter awaits the day when there will be lines of miles and miles of people on queue to rush into the shopping malls to get their hands on the products that are very expensive all year long.

Well Chicago decided to spice the Black Friday up with some silliness fo their own. The automobile manufacturers and dealerships introduced an extremely innovative deal that could potentially save you a lot of money on a car and you can get a new Buick or GMC for free but there is a small catch. The cars purchased on 28th and 29th November will be completely reimbursed if and only if is snows atleast six inches in Chicago on Christmas day! Well those you actually plan to buy one of these vehicles can actually take part in it and you never know your luck might just get you a brand new vehicle and if not then you still had to get a car yourself. Does not hurt to live a little dangerously, does it?