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China Is Worst At Parallel Parking And Here Is A Reason To Prove It!


It is famously known that women are the worst drivers on the planet. The discriminating statement, which i being a woman whole heartedly agree with, has been supported by ample proof and incidents where all you want to do is face palm for the height of disappointment you witness. However to save the woman all over the world from the medal of shame we bring forward China who have claimed to be worst at something and has actually made a sport out of it.

China has been rated one of the worst countries at parallel parking and in good sport has made an actual sport about it. China Drift Championship is held every year in the country with numerous people participating in trying to efficiently do the most important stunts in which parallel parking is included. Han Yue just recently made the world record of parallel parking his Miny Cooper S in a space which was just 8 cm wider than the vehicle itself. The event was highly celebrated and the name of the individual was put in Guinness Book of World Records. Now that is what you call good sport!