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China To Unveil It’s Most Expensive Car – The Hongqi L5


The world of automobile industry is going through a massive revolution at the moment. The innovations, technology implementation and break through on daily basis have left all of us in awes of the human mind. Not only is is environmentally sustainable but the vehicles are more safe and secure than ever before. Due to such leaps and bounds, every automobile market is investing all their efforts and energy to deliver the best of the best and survive in the highly competitive market.


China which has been making headlines in the automobile world due to the recent major boost in the country is set to unveil its most expensive car yet – The Hongqi L5. The car which was unveiled this year at the famous Beijing Auto Show was brought for a total sum of 5 million Yuan ($803,300). The vehicle was under construction for a span of 4 years and will be possessed by the owner in a matter of 3 months. The 6.0 liter V12 engine providing 402 hp and 45lb-ft of torque along with a six speed automatic gearbox is an impressive entity. This highlights that China is entering the market with premium vehicles of exceptional quality and a competitive entity to not to be taken lightly.