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China’s Auto Giant Eyes Potential in South African Market


Overtaking USA as the largest automobile economy in 2010, China has been strengthening its automotive roots all over the world ensuring the industry experiences the regular boost it needs to sustain its top position. The China FAW Group Corporation has recently set its eyes upon the potential present in the South African market, aiming to expand its operation to the continent.

The FAW Group which is the country's oldest vehicle manufacturer has been impressing the South African market with its top notch and high performing heavy duty trucks and commercial vehicles since 1994. The company's aim is to start operations for passenger vehicle manufacturing in Port Elizabeth on South Africa's southern coast. The company has been actively making plans, carrying out negotiations and investing consistent efforts in the projet which they hope sees the light of the day successfully. The FAW Group has already been involved in successful joint ventures with the global automobile giants like Volkswagen AG, Audi AG, Toyota Motor Corp, General Motors Co and Mazda Motor Corp. Through this breakthrough in South Africa, the FAW Group hopes to expand its similar operation on European and American soil as well.