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Christmas Shoppers Beware Of Car Thefts!


December is the time of the year when everyone is in a jolly good mood. It may be due to the upcoming Christmas which makes us all tingly and see the good in people. It make be the much awaited holidays that you badly needed from work. Or if you are like me it may be the fact that your birthday lands on the 25th of December of all the days in the year! However it is this time of the year that police warns us to be most active and vigilant.

Tis the season to be jolly can turn a 180 degree, police warns us due to the increase in car prowling and carjacking. Due to the rush experienced because of Christmas shopping, the car parking is usually full and people are in a hurry to get their job done in time. Due to this they often do not pay attention to the thieves who are lurking around just waiting for you to get out of the car and on your way. It takes these professionals only less than a few minutes to get into your car and off they go with it!