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Chrysler Now In The League Of Embarrassing Recalls!


The year 2014 has witnessed numerous ups and downs in the automobile world. Where on one hand you can witness the unimaginable self driving vehicle, steering less car, connecting cars and self parking vehicles, there has been a considerable negative vibe going around the automobile industry due to the great number of recalls on behalf of reputed automobile companies. This has resulted in shaking of the user’s confidence.

Chrysler is the newest addition in the race for recalls. With General Motors and Ford leading the race with millions of recalls due to faulty ignition switches or airbag explosion, now Chrysler is adding to the recall competition due to the electrical shorts within the sun visor’s vanity lamp circuit. The company has announced a recall of 895,000 vehicles. According to the investigation being conducted by the NHTSA, there has been 62 reporting of shorting wires and 38 fires. Not only has the customers complained of first in the headliners but also mentioned at items that the fire has spread to the front doors and seats and resulted in damaging the sunroof and shattering the glass. Dealers are containing the sun visor thermal damage with affective action being taken to replace and fix the circuitry causing the problems.