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Mid Year Clearance Sale- The Power Transferred to Customers


In Japan like any other country new year new year is celebrated once a year. Though SBT Japan is special, as we have complete clearance of stock twice a year. We buy new stock in July and December, with revitalize spirit to refresh our stock. Hence our customers see the latest used cars available twice a year.

We face no greater issue in clearing our stock, as our customers accept offers with open arms. And to make sure that our customer base is able to reap much more advantage we offer discount in a way that it comes close to break-even.

This season we made prices low by default, so customer saw the discounted price on website. It was the first time that no discount was given in the hand of our sales agent. Hence we transferred the power from our sales agents to our customers.

The condition of the car was not compromised. The inspection that our bidder did before purchase added new colors to quality, so the best remained available at your disposal. This was initially not understood by our customers, but on close comparison with competitor they realized.

Today we proudly sold 101500 stocks approximately under the name of Clearance Sale. We still have few cars available and the management is decided whether more cars should be put under the domain or not. We believe that your customers will buy most of our new stocks. The need to re-auction those that remain with us at the end of this sales season, will be next to zero.

Get the power work for you! Buy now. The best in stock is still available for you.