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Come On Google You Can Do Better Than That!


Google has been under some serious stress since the introduction of the self driving vehicle. The piece of news made headlines all over the world since it was a step taken the by the technological giant to revolutionize the automobile world. A world where people can sit back and relax and they’ll be taken to their places of requirement without their presence behind the wheel. For that matter no one would be sitting behind the wheel since the car will drive itself.

However the tech giant is trying its best to make it a reality of the roads, the vehicle is presently failing to comply. According to the Google street view footage where the Google vehicle ran over a boy who miracle survived the incident without a single scratch, there is more bad news for the company. The latest developments show that Google’s self driving vehicle cannot navigate 99% of the US and is too much reliant on the maps without the human reaction. Not only this but the cars will not be able to drive themselves in rain or snow as the present technology is unable to detect a difference between a rain drop, a snowflake or an obstacle on the road. Come on Google you can actually do better than that!