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Connected Cars To Be Welcomed or Feared?


Technological Breakthrough
With the new and upcoming technological advancements, it will come as no surprise to all automobile owners out there that soon they'll be living in a world of 'connected cars'. Connected cars like autonomous cars will be fully or partially able to self drive and through extraordinary technological incorporations will stay connected to other cars within its range.

Survey Findings
The new idea of being connected to vehicles on the road has brought forward mixed emotions of the potential target users through a survey conducted by University of Michigan's Transportation Research Institute. More than 62% of UMTRI's respondents showed positive emotions towards the connected cars approach. The responses showed their eagerness to actively communicate with the cars in nearby positions that would result in many helpful situations. For one it will reduce the number and intensity of collisions and crashes along with actively reducing emergency response time and help in creating better fuel economy. Among 60% were of the opinion that the connected cars will help in fewer emissions, minimized congestion and short effective commutes. 38% of the respondents showed neutral and negative inclinations faring security breaches of speed and location detectors as well as lack of attention towards the road resulting in an increase of collisions.

Future Implementation
The implementation of the technology still has few years left in the making due to the highly expensive nature of the project. The technological transformations that awaits us in the future can only be judged through its actual test usage.