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Cops Trolling Lamborghini Owner On Twitter!


A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Everyone agrees to that on some level be it personal or professional. It may be something small or something life altering depending on each individual. The automotive industry has given its users numerous vehicles that have become the apple of one’s eyes and resulted in in impressing not just them but those around them. One such vehicle is the Lamborghini and the fan following that vehicle possesses is enormous. The custom made vehicle has been breaking heart and dropping jaws for years and years. Well it is time for payback to some extent.

The Vancouver Police Department pulled a fast one on a Lamborghini owner who was going way over the speeding in the residential area. The vehicle which was going at a speed of 102 km/h on a residential street was picked up by the cops while in full form. But that was not the worst part. Later on the Vancouver cops took to Twitter to publicaly shame the speedster owning a Lamborghini worth $275K for $368 getting towed for full 7 days. The irony of the post left our ribs cracked for trying not to burst out laughing. Good one cops. We all need this kind of law abiding police to make our day so much better!