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CREATIVE And AMAZING Vehicle Safety Ideas!

With the fast paced vehicles cruising the roads nowadays it has been difficult now more than ever to ensure complete vehicle safety at all times. The growth spurt that the technology has experienced has resulted in numerous applications that can prevent passenger and pedestrians accidents. However the need to be careful, take your time and pay attention is still and always will be the best accident prevention technique.

The automobile giants all over the world have been investing heavily in road safety campaigns in order to ensure safety and security if the people inside the vehicle but also on the road. In order to do that numerous campaigns have been in motion along with applications from smart computer systems, and device installation inside the automobiles to better equip the passengers for maximum safety. Few of the most impressive and highlighting safety ideas that can be easily implemented and potentially save the life of so many people are mentioned.
1. Collision-Preventing Steering Wheels

collison prevention steering wheels

2. Pedestrian-Protecting Cars

 pedestrian protection cars

3. Protective Gel-Layered Gear

Protective Gel-Layered Gear

4. Head-Mounted Motorbike Indicators

head mounted motorbike inicator

5. Car Safety Graffiti Art

Car Safety Graffiti Art

6. Glow-In-The-Dark Roads

Glow-In-The-Dark Roads

7. Anti-Assault GPS Sirens

Anti-Assault GPS Sirens

8. Superbly Intuitive Safety Systems

Superbly Intuitive Safety Systems

9. Collision-Preventing Mirrors

Collision-Preventing Mirrors

10. Kids Automobile Safety Graphics

Kids Automobile Safety Graphics

11. Mobile-Disabling Auto Devices

mobile disabling auto devices

12. Self-Steering SUVs

Self-Steering SUVs

13. Verbal Cues Safety Systems

Verbal Cues Safety Systems