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Will Creativity Kill Brand Image of The Most Expensive Car?


The moment we talk about lavish car, we know it is Mercedes Benz that rule the class. Over the years it has built a reputation of providing classy option that is hard to precede. The Mercedes S Class is the newest option that will come with three rows and price double to Rolls Royce, the hand made car. It is expected to cost a million dollars with Armour plating.

The vehicle will have four seats facing each other. The privacy will be enhanced with the partition window between the front chauffeur seat and back.


Though as according to a second school of thought, such arrangement will give a touch of prisoner van, a completely different image to what Mercedes is.

The second change that is expected to come in November is the extra long Maybech edition. The name in itself is the story of being lag behind, as Daimler ultra luxury brand was discontinued after being unable to compete with models by BMW, Rolls Royce and Volkswagen. It is considered a bad omen, but Mercedes is positive that it will be able to pull it off well.

Only the time will tell if this S-class changes will bring in new trend or experience failure. Although the history shows that Mercedes knows the game to perfection. Our wishes are with it!