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Dad Locks Himself In 30C Car To Stand Against Leaving Children In Vehicles!

Every year witnesses numerous parents, guardians, baby sitters and elder siblings leaving their children in cars to get their chores done or make a quick run to the grocery store or just go to work from 9-5. This has over the years resulted in multiple deaths by the toddlers suffering from intense heat inside the car. This year alone has witnessed a massive spike in people leaving their kids in cars and being completely irresponsible.

In order to take an avid stand and let his voice be heard, Terry Bartley who is himself a father along with being a hauler and semi pro football player took things to the next level solely alone. The 33 year old responsible father made a video of himself locked up in a car at 30C with the windows completely closed. The act was done to highlight what the children must go through every time an irresponsible decision is made to leave a child or a pet in the car. The sweltering dad made a heartfelt appeal to everyone who cares for a child to never let the innocent being go through such a painful experience. the video was specially inspired by the death of a 22 month old child Cooper Harris who died after being left in the car in 32C temperature in Georgia.