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Datsun on-Do Sedan – Made in Russia


Datsun, one of the oldest entities in the history of automobile industry, has finally entered the Russian Automotive Industry after 100 years of DAT vehicle creation on Japan. The model with which Datsun is making its debut in Russia is the Datsun on-Do Sedan. Through this introduction, Nissan has now all its major three brands present in the market namely Nissan, Infiniti and the reborn Datsun.

The unique name of Datsun "on-Do" Sedan holds a deep and provoking meaning that highlights the vehicle's essence in Russia and Japan alike. In the Japanese psyche "Do" is a word that means "way" or a way of doing things in a distinctive and proper unique way. Another aspect of the word is meaning thus giving "on-Do" the reflection of mobility of all in the  right way on the correct path. Alternately "On" in Russia is used for the word "he" which highlights the masculinity, strength, sophistications, rugged and aggressive personality and performance of the vehicle.

Apart from the area of styling in Japan, the development and engineering aspects of the vehicles have been carried out in Russia by a competent team of profession at the AutoVaz which is the company's largest automaker and manufacturer.