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Do We See A Google And GM Collaboration In The Near Future? Possibly YES!


The modern era is the one where technology is playing a major role in the advancement and progress of mankind. In every outlet and through every faucet, the drops of success are based on the technological empowerment of the industry. Google is the name of the game when it comes to that and the multi billion dollar company is leaving no stones unturned in any aspect. The automotive industry has been greatly influenced through the self driving vehicle technology Google has been experimenting with and logging numerous hours all over the world.

Well to much delight there has been recent speculation of a major collaboration that will change the face of the automobile industry. Google is focused on technological development in the automotive industry and General Motors may be taking the reigns for automotive development. The company has shown considerable interest in working with Google to produce state of the art and technologically superior vehicles. This is the kind of mesh we would like to see and witness as it gives us the high possibility to hope for a commercial self driving vehicles in the near future.