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Do You Need To Put A Seatbelt On Your Dog In The Car?


When it comes to matter of protecting the lives of those you love, no stone should be left unturned. The individual should at all times ensure that the house the family lives in or the car they travel in are safe and sound or not. The vehicle should be equipped with all the safety features necessary which will secure their lives even in case of accident. It is forced by law to keep the child in the back seat in his own car seat with seat belts strapped and the kids safely

However there is yet to be any kind of law relating to keeping an animal inside your car. With the growing inclination of keeping pets inside your homes it has become a norm to keep your dog with you along your car ride. It is advised to keep your dog fitted in the seat with a seat belt as his sudden jumps and barks and him plopping on your lap could disturb the driver and create an accident. However the dogs have various sizes and personalities which should be brought to consideration before belting the poor fellow.