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Don’t Make The Same Mistake That 90% Of Parents Are Making While Driving!


The role of the parents is very different fro that of anyone else’s. It is an experience of responsibility that you had never gone through before or will ever go through again. Being a parents means that you put the needs of someone else before yours and to keep them safe at all times no matter the cost. There is no compromise that can be made in parenting skills and you do not get a day off. Once you become a parent it is a lifetime commitment with no vacation days in the middle.

Automobile companies try their level best to create vehicles that are safe and sound for not only you but your whole family. But sometimes it is the unawareness of the parents part that end up in their child getting hurt. 9 out of 10 parents make the grave mistake of removing the booster seat from the car too early. Little do they know that the child needs to be atleast 4 foot 9 inches tall to travel without it. Due to this in case of sudden jerk and accident the child ends up fatally injured which is something that you cannot turn around. It is essential that you keep the child booster seat fitted in the car until he or she reaches the assigned height. Better safe than sorry!