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Dramatic Double Flip In The Air At 120 mph Leaves Driver Uninjured!


The sport of race car competition is one of the most difficult and dangerous ones that involve a high amount of risk for the part of the drivers sitting behind the wheel. Nowadays the race cars are much better equipped with safety features that ensure that the human life remains intact even when the worst of the worst happens.


In a recent Shelsey Walsh hill climb race in Worcestershire, Wallace Menzies experienced one of the most spectacular crash any one ever would have witnessed. Speeding at 120 mph the DJ Firestorm Car, careered off the path and flipped twice in the air to land on its side breaking the 42 year old driver’s cheekbone and several cuts with a bruised shoulder as well. The photographer at the event was able to take pictures of the accident in motion while the whole crowd held their breath in the gripping and scary moments that could have resulted in instant death. The driver was later taken to the hospital where his injuries were claimed to not be life threatening. This event is one of the most famous in the country and has been happening for more than half a century and succeeds in attracting audience from all over to watch and participate in the race.