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Driver With The Worst Luck Stuck Between Two Trucks


Driving is no easy feat. Atleast that is what i think when i step onto the road and see the vehicles zooming in from left and right. Maybe it is due to the instilled fear in my heart or maybe because of the numerous headlines i go through on daily basis telling me of numerous deaths and injuries that has taken place due to road accidents and crashes. The increasing number of accidents are shocking due to the fact that there are numerous technological incorporations in the vehicles that prevent the driver from making such mistakes. However human error plays the most important part in such crashes and horrible accidents. One such news today ensured my faith in never learning to drive ever.

A man on the icy and foggy interstate highway in Oregon, crashed into a semi truck that was traveling right infront of it. The man’s pickup flipped over and got stuck on the side of the truck and that is when the real terror began. The man saw another truck coming its way and knew instinctively that it was going to crash horribly. Grabbing the wheel tightly, the truck crashed into the flipped pickup and crushed it like a soda can. Thanks to his luck the man was safe inside the car and somehow managed to wriggle out of the vehicle with just a few scratches and a cut o n the eye brow. Drive safe!