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Driver-less Car Designed To Kill You On Priority


How many times have you heard that collision has been avoided by the combination of human instinct and responsiveness. Every driver has experienced this fact at-least once in his life.

With the boom of driver less car, many says that future will belong to cars that will be automated. The robotic machinery will be at your service as a chauffeur to take you anywhere and everywhere. The government of United Kingdom has even started issuing licenses and the taxi company Uber is ready to fill its stock with cars that need no drivers. The glamorous that it might look, but there are bitter realities as well.

As according to the analysis, the cars will be programmed to avoid collision to the best. Although the safety of passengers who have bought the car with their hard earned money will be under critical situation.

As in case of chances of side-ways collision the car might take turns that cause damage to those inside this driver less car. The people will be helpless in this case seeing death without being able to do anything.

It is said that in future the robots will be ruling the human race; it seems the beginning is from the driver less car.

So all those wanting to buy driver less car beware,while companies promoting/ manufacturing these should work on this aspects as well. As at the end of the day human life values more than machinery.