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Driverless Car – The Future We Deserve!!


With the latest technological advancements its no surprise that the driverless cars are becoming the talk of the town. When you purchase a top notch S class Mercedes Benz today, it conveys a little ‘ahem’ when you’re drifting from a lane in an unsafe manner. Later if you still do not pay heed to the signal it will slightly turn the steering wheel itself and even after that if you fail to respond the car will take command to save you from yourself. In the coming five years it will be quicker to intervene as compared to today, in 20 years from now they wont be needing your advice and in 30 they sure as hell wont be taking it.


This will result in a lower graph of accident rates, parking problems will vanish and road safety will increase considerably. Thus with the years and progress to come along our way it has been made clear that the driverless cars will be made optional by the year 2024 which later on will move to become mandatory in 2044. This is a testament to the progress made by mankind himself to ensure that the sanctity of human life is maintained. Be it drunk drivers, drivers under the influence, texting while driving and numerous other hazardous situations, your cars will become your guardian angels. In a world full of danger at every nook and corner, all of us sure as hell can use a guardian angel here or there.