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Driverless Cars: Time to Relax, Not Drive !




We are living in an era of innovation and technology. Every day we encounter new challenges and every day we found something new and progressive "All Thanks To Internet" and strong communication system and transportation system that enable us to use said technologies in matter of no time.


That was a time to build an empire takes decades or even centuries but these days it’s just a matter of days and months.

Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, Google, Face book, Yahoo are the best examples of these empires. The key of being such a giant in business for these companies are ant isolation strategy they follow.

Let’s take an example of Google who started its business from just a search engine and now has become one of the top companies in the world. Google invested and investing its money to far beyond search engine from transportation to Biotech Company and from robots to artificial meat.

Few years back Google initiated a project of self driving cars or you can say cars without drivers. For its legislation Google is now working so hard and wants to implement at earliest in US and all over the world.

In first batch of cars Google used Toyota Prius as its main model for self driving cars followed by Audi TT and Lexus.

The response Google getting is very overwhelming and people think that will open the chances to become the world better place for living.


To take the scoop of this Google tech, Click the video and Enjoy!