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Driving On Water? Every Villain’s Dream NOW A Reality!


Life would be so easy for villains if they had the necessary means and told to get their job done. It is kind of unfair that the good guys always have the best gadgets, the most talented side kicks and the whole lot of luck on their side. The villains on the other hand have to do with make do get away cars, sidekicks who have considerably low IQ and luck that wasn’t even there to run out. And the worst part, the villains never gets the girl. Drats.

Well a villains dream has come to and his prayers have been answered and he will now be able to get his hands on something he has long craved for. It is a vehicle that drives on water! The Quadrofoil is an electric water jet ski from the future that will make the owner’s get away a whole lot easier where as the hero will be left in awe of the beauty and will for once experience the brutality the poor soul had been facing for an eternity. Our votes and thoughts are with the next Bond villain and nothing would make me happier than a confounded look on Daniel Craig’s face wishing he has that ride instead of the Bond girl. Tough luck mate!