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Driving With Children? 10 Must Haves You NEED With Toddlers!


Children make the worst car companions. That is the ultimate truth and whoever judges me on that either does not have kids or has never traveled with kids himself or herself. In order to survive that dreadful ride you need to mentally and physically prepare for the worst because trust me when i tell you they will cry, moan, scream and somehow make you want to hit that tree all on your own on purpose just to make them stop. Well if you want your sanity and your car intact make sure you keep all these following things in your car with you and you will thank me later. Kudos!

1. Bandaids – You never see those bruises coming!

2. Coats and Zip Up Hoodies or Sweat shirts – You never know when they get cold and start moaning about it!

3. Chargers – You never know when your kid kills all the battery power in your cell phone while playing angry birds!

4. Extra Plastic Bags – Very handy and useful for impromptu diaper change or vomits or car sickness!

5. Crackers – Its the go to snack for instant hunger!

6. Water Bottles – Because the kids will get thirsty after those crackers!

7. Extra Sunglasses – In case your toddler find it an entertaining habit to throw stuff out of the window!

8. Restaurant Backpack – Wipes, coloring books, color pencils, bibs, toy and you name it!

9. Tissues – For all those running snots you dont want ruining your car seats!

10. Extra Pair Of Flip Flops –  You never want you toddler bare feet!