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Dubai- The Hub of Wealthy Customers

Dubai is turning into a paradise for businesses, with everything getting lavish. In developing countries, we see the corrupt people in power take the share of greater wealth, while in developed countries the civilized crime is the normal practice. Distribution of wealth has always been an issue addressed in national and international forums. But Dubai is among the country that have most of its citizens, read again citizens not residents have greater amount of money.

We are here neither to discuss the oil resources it has nor the dream of booming economy that it is fulfilling. We stand today to discuss the two major customers that the country have, to whom the expensive car range are being sold.

The Government

The ruling class and policy makers have more money than average billionaire of Dubai. This can be evident by the fact that the police of the country is using expensive cars to catch thieves and the government is willing to invest extra bucks for making security force that is unbeatable. That is the reason the Bugatti Veyron is used as a traffic police car and created greater buzz in overall market. The roads are being developed in a way that it can compete with international standard so getting cars up to mark is a mandatory option that government has worked on.


The Shaikhs  

The other chunk that is wealthy enough and contribute to being the hottest chunk of expensive car purchase are the big shot Shaikh (The rich Dubai People). Among them exist those who have gold plated cars and in some cases purely gold made cars for decoration purpose. There are Ferrari Museums, expensive car collections and much more that shows the amount of money these people from Middle East have.


For automobile industry, the Middle East is the unsaturated running market and Dubai is the most promising market.