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Electric Bike Sharing Is Now Happening!


The modern era has witnessed uncountable leaps of faith based on technological backbone and come forward victorious with flying colors. The introduction of vehicles tat work solely on electric charge and eliminate the usage of fuels from cars thus eliminating added cost has seemed to be a very attractive prospect. This concept has given the competition world wide a run for their mine once it gets commercial. Not only is the idea more practical and implementable like being done by Tesla but it is also environment friendly.

Taking a leaf of out of the electric book, Madrid is now offering electric bike sharing opportunities to its commuters that will not have to deal with excessive physical energy being spent on pedal-ling the bike. A single pedal gives a 36 volt and 10 ampere charge that gives a fast boost to the bike. The bike can further be controlled by the electric controls on the handlebar without the need of pedaling. 123 stations all over the city have been installed from where the bikes can be hired to make use of at any part of the city. The idea has generated much buzz and the slow start has now turned in a raging sensation.