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Elephant Goes On A Wild Rampage Crushing Cars!


There are certain entities in this world that are considered the most deadly and dangerous. I am personally of the opinion that none other than man himself is the wildest of animal with a needs for power, hunger for strength and corruption using vile methods of destruction and self affirmation. However if the basis of this consideration is the size of the subject than the extinct dinosaurs would take the medal. However it was surely something else that grabbed our attention with a shocking piece of news.

Thailand recently experienced one of the setbacks and experiences on the receiving end of a powerful force when it just cannot be controlled. An elephant recently got free from a National Park and went of a wild and thunderous rampage crushing everything that came in its way. People witnessed the elephant running in an outrage and crushing parked cars like tin cans with utmost ease and without nay effort. It was most fortunate that no one got injured or hurt during the escape. For those who are parked in their cars in Thailand, be aware of any unusual stomping that you might hear because elephants have been reported to be misbehaving unusually nowadays in the country.