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Eminem Just Made Our Day And Broke Our Hearts All At The Same Time!


When it comes to rap music there is none other who is better than the grand master Slim Shady himself. Eminem who has a reputation for creating the most fine and smooth lyrics to his compositions is one celebrity we cannot get enough of. Ever sine the 8 mile introduction, the super star has been on a non stop train to success and celebration using his life lessons and experiences to make and pave his way into the world. The rapper is highly esteemed among the rap industry for being the only rapper from the fair skinned community who would give the original ones a run for their money. So when we heard that Eminem was selling his Cadillac concept car we were more than ecstatic!

The Facebook page of Eminem featured his Cadillac concept car and the offer to sell it to an potential buyer it anyone was interested. Later on it was found out that either the page was hacked or the news was fake and put up to fool people into thinking that they would ever drive Eminem’s vehicle. Much to our dismay our hearts got broken in the process and there is no sign of the famous rapper selling his beloved Cadillac!