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Entrepreneur Lights Up His Car With LEDs For Added Safety!


Car safety is an issue that has been through the mill with constant modifications being made on daily basis to incorporate the latest technological innovations in order to sustain human life in case of crash or accident. Reputed companies are facing a tough time relating to car safety due to their failure to contain their weaknesses in the vehicles resulting in multiple deaths and millions of cars in recall. The year 2014 has proven to be a tough time for giants like Ford, general Motors, Honda and Toyota among many others.

Micheal Haas who is famous in the automotive industry due to his entrepreneurial skills has taken things in his own hands with his vehicle for added safety at all times. The guru incorporated one of the most striking on his beloved Jaguar XK and parked it in the public eye to get attention and spread awareness relating to car safety. Micheal Haas fitted a row of sequential amber LED lights on the side of his car doors that blink in unison as the vehicle turn signals in order to create a more safer presence on the road. Who says safety cant be stylish. Micheal Haas just proved you all critics wrong.