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Essential And Easy Car Tricks For Winter!


Now that winter is upon us and way sooner than actually expected we will have to take measures to ensure life goes on smoothly as required. In recent news the Nuri Storm from the Arctic has resulted in piling heaps of snow and ice rain in Canada and Northern America. Other parts of the world have been experiencing icy cold way sooner than expected and this means one thing – Car Trouble! In order to take care of your car and to make sure you have a smooth working machine in the deadly cold, here are a few tips and tricks we have up our sleeve to make your lives a lot more easier.

  •     Make sure you get a tune up for your car to remove sluggishness
  •     Check the battery and charging system check so that it does not jam itself up and freezes
  •     Make sure you have ample amount of anti freeze, heaters, defrosters and wipers just in case you get stuck in the middle of no where
  •     Have the tire pressure and tire head checked making sure the wheels go round and round efficiently
  •     Have the brakes, exhaust system and lights checked as you need them in working condition to survive the deadly cold