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Explosive Recalls Useless For Explosive Airbags!


The massive outrage for recalls of numerous companies with General Motors, Ford, Honda Motors and many more have been as a result of ignition problems, airbags explosions, bursting shrapnel and numerous more has still remained uncorrected. There has been millions of recalls in such scenarios yet the accidents continue to occur day in and day out. more than a million vehicles are in line for recall by Honda Motor along with the over a million vehicles recalled by Toyota and General Motors in addition to the 7.6 million recalls over the past 5 years for the specific problem of airbags explosions and shrapnel due to inflator faults.


The recalls have been proven to be useless where numerous accidents are still in motion on roads and highways due to similar faults. The credibility of numerous companies is on the edge and crossroads where people are heavily in doubt of purchasing vehicles. With such serious lack in confidence there are alarm bells ringing for automobile companies all over the world. The reputed giants although are taking responsibility for their action are yet to provide distinct solutions still. We have yet to wait and watch how the drama unfolds with recalls being carried out on daily basis. The fine and regulations need to be tightened like a noose around the neck of the automobile companies that have no only resulted in thousands of injuries but deaths all over the world due to their lack in production and accountability.