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Famous Presidents and Their ASTOUNDING Cars!!

It is said that the car you drive says mountains about the personality you have, the character you posses and the kind of person you are. That is true for everyone out there even the most famous and important presidents. While limos are the standard mode of transportation for the residents of the Oval Office, it has not stopped the occupants for reflecting their touch of personality and their passion in the vehicles that they drive or travel in.

The current president Barrack Obama’s vehicle, the famously nicknamed Cadillac “The Beast” is specially armored with insane amount of protection given to the leader of the free world. Not only is the vehicle military protected but arms and ammunition but the technological gadgetry fitted inside is sure to leave a common man in shock and awe. Cadillac association with the White House goes a long time back in history. Apart from Obama, it was the go to car for President Coolidge, Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Clinton, Reagan and Bush Senior and Junior. Aside from presidential vehicles, the Presidents had a taste and passion of their own in their own personal rides hinting at their nature of class or adventure or sporty personality. In order to celebrate that, we have compiled a list of presidential vehicles that have earned a sterling reputation through the ages.

Barack Obama


Ronald Reagan


John F. Kennedy


Dwight D. Eisenhower


Harry S. Truman


Franklin D. Roosevelt


Woodrow Wilson