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Fastest All Electric Car Coming To Your Door Step!!


In the final phase of testing, the all electric car which is labeled to be the fastest yet is coming to the market and it can be yours if you want. 999 examples of the beloved SP:01 will be built through a network of exclusive retail partners and it is a sure shot that it will be off the market in a span of few minutes.


The fastest all electric car introduced by the Detroit Electric is being eyed by fan followers and competitors alike with its unique propositions and cutting edge technological implementations. The all carbon fiber body work makes the entity light weight with an impressive competency of reaching 100 kmph from standstill in mere 3.7 seconds. Not only that but the impressive vehicle is designed to reach the limit of 249 kmph making it the fastest all electric car ever. The two door beauty not only wows the audience with its specifications only but the outlook as well. The ambiance and aesthetics are immensely pleasing with the sleek and smooth curves elevating it to a whole new level. The deep curves and flow design at the sides make it a beauty to look at and tempts one to get behind the wheel and experience the aerodynamic amazement of the automobile. So if you want this beauty to become yours you have to get in line pronto as its going to be quite a challenge getting your hands on this bad boy!