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Fatal Winter Driving Mistakes!


Winter is one of the worst times of the year to be driving a vehicle. If you live in a place that experiences a lot of snow, ice, rain and wind chills you are not much of a lucky person. Driving itself is a dangerous business with the amount of accidents that are occurring on the roads at the moment but under such extreme weather it is downright painful and possibly fatal. There are certain times you need to be aware and highly focused or you just might end up dead.

  1. Driving on snow does not make you a professional drifter.
  2. It is rarely to be expected that someone will stop their car in this deadly winters and help you out.
  3. Properly clear all the snow from the roof otherwise you will pay later
  4. Never i repeat never stop at an icy hill.
  5. Make sure you scrape off or defrost the windows properly
  6. Do NOT drive fast or be ready for your funeral
  7. No matter if you have a truck or a jeep or a sedan, snow tires are a must
  8. Even if you have all wheel drive, you still need to get those snow tires