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Feeling Sleepy? You Car Seat Knows It!


With the innovative technological break throughs that are being made on daily basis nowadays, it comes as no surprise when we travel in smart cars, cars that can drive on their own, cars that communicate with each other, cars that are able to find parking spots for themselves and cars that are replacing human presence completely. Not only can they control the car but step are being taken that will enable such vehicle to control you as well soon enough.

A project at Nottingham Trent University in the UK is working on an innovative angle that would allow the driver’s seat to detect heart rate, to check if the person is tired and worse of all falling asleep. This would allow the car to comply by road safety rules and take over the vehicle along with alarming the driver to wake up and pay attention. This will not only save the potential life of the driver but of other people on the road as well. The system is aimed to be integrated with cruise control, lane keeping functions and car warning alert systems. Now the bar of safety standards is being held so high that the rate of injury or accidents due to carelessness will be minimized.